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Reading Digest – 28 September 2012   Leave a comment

“Bill, you are and always shall be, my friend, but I just signed a six month lease on my apartment.  I can’t walk away from a commitment like that.” – Leonard Nimoy

CNNlogo Important dating advice from CNN:

CNN Wants to See Other Cell Providers

The actual article is just as bad as you’d expect, some lowlights:

What followed, though, should be a warning to others — others who, like me, might have doubts about a relationship but are quick to run down the cell phone company aisle.

Thanks, Ladies Home Cell Phone Journal!  But I’m sorry, could we have some more terrible marriage metaphors? 

I could taste the relief on that welcomed day as I dialed customer service to ask for a separation, an annulled account.

Ah, there we go.  I like to picture the customer service rep, sitting in some cramped cubicle, wearing a judge’s robes with a little gavel shaped like a telephone.

And with that, about a year after I knew my relationship with this man was over, my cell phone company finally agreed.

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Sprint-us Sancti.  Amen.

FNLogo Oh, FOX, please don’t ever change:

BIAS ALERT: Liberal Magazine Takes Another Swipe at Romney

The liberal Mother Jones magazine took another crack at team Romney on Thursday, posting a video from nearly three decades ago that showed a young Mitt Romney describing an investment strategy to "harvest" companies at a profit.

Meanwhile, a click away at FOX Nation . . .


Mittens In Love Tee hee. 

PoliticoLogo This will not, ahem, drive the day:

Generic Headline Works on Any Day

I think they may have a supply of these kinds of headlines sitting in a database somewhere and the computer just randomly puts one up each morning.  Tomorrow it’ll be “Candidates campaign in swing states” or “Romney and Obama both profess love of moms and apple pie”. 

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