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“It’s times like this I wish I were a religious man.” – Homer Simpson
“It’s all over, people!  We don’t have a prayer!” – Reverend Lovejoy

[Programming Note: The Ann Arbor Review of Books will be undergoing some changes over the long Thanksgiving weekend.  Posting will be light to non-existent until Monday.]

FNLogo A few weeks ago, I said that a lack of apocalyptic furor was the biggest single factor in Mitt Romney’s inability to make anything more than a superficial connection with his supporters.  This morning, FOX News adds some credence to my theory:

Doomsday! (Tonight on FOX)

It’s a five part series, and yes, they are as serious as decorum will allow:

While most of these are associated with the second coming of Christ, the focus is now on the Maya civilization of Southern Mexico and the end of their calendar on December 21, 2012 — the coming Winter Solstice. Over 3,000 books and countless websites claim that the Maya predicted the Earth will be destroyed on this date.

The scenarios are truly frightening: The Earth will be destroyed by colliding with an asteroid or being pulled into the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Others claim a galactic planetary alignment that will tear the Earth apart or the Earth’s magnetic poles will shift and our planet will turn upside down.

Adam Housley reports from Palenque, the so-called "jewel of the Maya Classic Period," to find out what the Maya believed. Lauren Green travels to the battlefield of Armageddon where the Book of Revelation describes the final battles of good vs. evil. Amy Kellogg is at the prehistoric megalith Stonehenge to see the sun rise and ask the druids if they are there to celebrate or countdown to Doomsday.

Mayans and Druids and tigers, oh my!  But wait, there’s more!:

Understanding the New Testament’s vision of the second coming of Christ is led by Fr. Mark Arey, whose recent translation of the Book of Revelation from Greek is now illustrated as a graphic novel. Archaeologist Eric Cline describes the doomsday battlefield of Armageddon. Evangelical preacher Marcus Lamb describes his belief that the end is truly near and he’s even put up a live Internet camera in Jerusalem to capture Jesus’ return.

It is a fact that the Maya calendar will end on December 21, 2012. But, don’t believe the hype: The world is not about to end. Debunking the doomsday scenarios are astronomer Anthony Aveni, physicist Michio Kaku, archaeologist Christopher Powell and author Graham Hancock. Plus, psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow tells why the idea of a doomsday is appealing to some people.

That final paragraph is easily the best part.  It’s the standard FOX News twist applied to the end of the world.  FOX will spend the bulk of its time and attention on the most dire and lurid speculations they can concoct, then every once and a while they’ll remind people of reality.  So we get statements like “pulled into the black hole”, “galactic planetary alignment that will tear the Earth apart”, “the doomsday battlefield of Armageddon”, and “Earth will be destroyed” (twice!).  Then at the end is the quick debunking, which is described as flatly and dryly as possible.  Balance!

FoxNationLogo If the world is going to end, the nationalists are going to watch it happen with their hands wrapped firmly around their dicks:


The movie she’s in, by the way, doesn’t come out until next spring.  This story is strictly about the fact that she did a photo spread for Maxim.  And there’s:



That last one is especially pointless. 

DailyCallerLogo But not as pointless as this:

Skinny Cornucopia

Tucker, if you want to run a skin site, just run a damn skin site already.

ABC Logo In addition to their usual tabloid fare, which today includes “Celebrity Cold Remedies” under the heading “ABC Health” and “Russian Beauty Queen Slams Russian Corruption” (both of which naturally come with pictures), ABC’s also got some excellent synergy:

Objective Reporting

Tell me, fellow Disney employee, why is this spectacle of sight and sound so awesome and worthy of the attention of the ABC News audience?  That’s amazing, and tickets are still available, correct?  Thanks, see you at the office party. 

CBSLogo Tiffany is still very interested in what very rich wingers think about screwing poor people:

Honeywell to Medicare - Drop Dead

Still waiting for word from someone for whom Social Security benefits aren’t a rounding error on their annual income.  Gonna be a while, methinks.

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“D’oh!  Twenty million women in the world and I had to marry Jane Fonda.” – Homer Simpson

FoxNationLogo The nationalists hit all the buttons today.  They’ve got the War on Christmas:

It's the Great Lawsuit Charlie Brown

In which we find out that a parent in Arkansas objected to a school bus being used to haul kids to a church to see a play, which FOX Nation managed to conflated into unnamed, mysterious and powerful seeming “Critics”.  There’s also an unfounded assertion that rich people aren’t going to keep supporting all those gift receiving moochers who re-elected Obama:

Honey, Where's Out Atlas Shrugging Card

That one is based around a very noisy and one sourced survey that has nothing to do with taxes (FOX just speculates that a slight decrease in weekly self reported spending is about anticipated higher tax rates).  And, because the “Pic of the Day” with Heidi Klum in a tight dress isn’t enough, they’ve also got:

Bikini News

This is the entirety of the text after you click:

Maria Menounos proves she has one of the hottest bodies on television, showing off plenty of skin for December’s “Men’s Fitness.”

The 34-year-old “Extra” host wears a couple of tiny bikinis in the sexy front page shoot.

They’ve got cultural resentment, the looming liberal econo-pocalypse, and hot TV babes in bikinis, and I haven’t even mentioned the Michael Moore story, the one about failing solar companies, medical layoffs related to Obamacare, or even, just for old times sake, Jane Fonda.  They went full spectrum wingnut this morning. 

DailyCallerLogo Tucker & Friends have their usual assortment of nothing today, but this is amusing:

Prosecutor Porn

And what is this ex-porn star’s name?  Mark Suben.  He’s a middle aged fat guy with a mustache.  Shockingly, they decided to go with a close-up of unrelated tits instead.

ABC Logo Oh for fuck’s sake:

All Horseshit, All the Time

ABC News: shopping tips, celebrity gossip and stalking a child who happens to have famous parents all in just one morning.  Jebus, I know network news divisions are in terminal decline, but that is some National Enquirer shit right there. 

CBSLogo Tiffany goes for the more direct bankster fluffing:

Sachs, the Great and Powerful

Something tells me that watching that space for a similarly obsequious interview with, say, someone who doesn’t think “entitlements” must be cut would be a futile exercise. 

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“Silly customer, you cannot hurt a Twinkie!” – Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

CNNlogo Their lead stories today are Obama visiting Myanmar and another ineffectual call for a Gaza ceasefire from an outsider.  And what, pray tell, is the third most important story?:

Bieber Graces American Music Awards with His Presence

For the record, the American Music Awards are third or fourth tier awards show, depending on whether or not you think the Grammies (which they were specifically created to compete with) are actual awards.  No, this is not news.  The only thing important here is that they get to use Bieber’s name as click bait. 

FNLogo Happy day, the 2012 War on Christmas has begun with a “Clash”:

War on Christmas - Battle of Santa Monica

This particular battle is occurring in the People’s Republic of Santa Monica, but no word on whether or not that means the war on Christmas is going well or not. 

FoxNationLogo This isn’t an official, all hands on deck Bias Alert, but it’s still pretty funny:

Can't Hurt a Twinkie

If you click through you’ll find out that the “Snobs” were laughing on one of those awful comedy shows NPR runs on the weekend.  In other words, a show built around jokes made a joke. 

DailyCallerLogo I like to giggle at Carlson’s House of Wingnut Welfare when they do things like run slideshows of women eating ice cream and talk about how manly they are for smoking cigars, but it should also be known that they routinely fail at real journalism as well.  Case in point, this morning’s lead story:

Welfare Bait(ing)

I’m not sure what’s funnier, that they think it constitutes news that a publically available government website describes how to use government services, or that it’s labeled “DC Exclusives”.  I guess I have to go with the exclusive thing, because while that term has become all but meaningless in our times, Tucker & Friends have managed to take it to absurd new lows. 

usatodaylogo I suppose there’s a place for product reviews in a newspaper.  That place probably shouldn’t be in the “News” section:

Breaking Story - Great Deals on These Fine Products

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“What do you do, Bender?” – Fry
“I’m a bender.  I bend girders, that’s all I’m programmed to do.” – Bender

DailyCallerLogo Most news outlets are focused on the latest Israeli-Palestinian game of “mine’s bigger than yours”, while FOX is running hard with the fake Benghazi scandal in anticipation of private citizen David Petraeus testifying before Congress today.  Tucker & Friends, to their almost credit, have bucked the trend in Benghazi coverage:

Taliban Solutions

It’s just a cheap paraphrase of an Agence France-Presse story that they saw on Huffington Post, but I gotta say, didn’t see that one coming.  Of course, they also have some Petraeus coverage that’s more their usual line:

Control Your Women Better Or We Shall Mock You

Let’s see: misrepresenting the known relationships in the case?  Check.  Insulting to women?  Check.  Unfathomably stupid in general?  Check plus.  But wait, that’s not the only real news they’ve boiled away to catty irrelevancies:


Hot Soliders Are the Best Soldiers

Tucker & Friends do love them some pointless bikini photos. 

ABC Logo Breaking: kids sometimes have famous parents:

Shame On You Bon Jovi

I’ll bet Peter Jennings is glad he’s dead.

WSJlogo1 Carlson’s House of Wingnut Welfare’s casual stupidity and ABC’s incessant celebrity chasing aren’t the morning’s only expressions institutional obsessions.  Surprising precisely no one, the Journal thinks we should lower taxes:

Stephen Moore: Why Lower Tax Rates Are Good for Everyone

This being the Journal, you have to at least make a stab at numerically proving your case.  This also being the Journal, you don’t have to be very clever about it:

It is also true that when Bill Clinton raised tax rates in the 1990s, the economy boomed and the share of taxes paid by the rich increased. But the otherwise depressive effect of higher tax rates was counteracted by the lighter burden of government on the private sector—federal spending declined to 18% of GDP in 2000 from 22% in 1993.

That’s some lazy ass bullshit, right there.  Federal spending declined only because the economy was exploding, it didn’t have anything to with a “lighter burden” or reduced overall expenditures.  The rest of the thing is just repeated examples of the same kind of simplistic, monocausal, heads taxes are bad, tails they’re even worse crap.  Read it for a giggle, the petulance alone is pretty funny.

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“So?  She’s good looking, shut up.” – Carl

FoxNationLogo The resentment is strong with this one:

Moocher BastardsIn addition to being dumb, the article also serves as a nice illustration of how FOX straddles the line that lets them badger their audience with bullshit while not quite outright lying.  So the headline states:

47 Million Food Stamp Recipients = 75.4 Percent of Obama’s Votes

And the first line backs that up without quite confirming it:

If all 47 million food stamp recipients voted for President Obama, it would account for 75.4 percent of Obama’s 62.3 million votes.

And then they reinforce their idea with numbers that are basically irrelevant but sound germane:

Welfare programs now cost taxpayers a record-high $750 billion. While government “charity” has grown, so has poverty—and so has the Democrats’ poll numbers.

The candidates and their PACs spent $6 billion for the election. Should we add the $750 billion in federal welfare to Democratic campaign spending total?

Finally, well buried in the middle of the article is a single sentence of plausible deniability:

Not everyone on food stamps votes or votes Democrat (and no one polls this subset of the population), and I don’t want to overstate the effects of the growth in welfare.

But that gets glossed over quickly and it’s right back to resentment:

It’s tough to beat politicians handing out free stuff, but we have to hope that careers and purposeful opportunity will appeal to American people’s ethos.

It’s a very finely honed schtick, strongly imply the blatantly false thing you want to say, but don’t quite say it.  Meanwhile, in nursing homes all across America, confused people will confidently say that 75% of Obama voters were on food stamps. 

DailyBeastLogo This is their headline:

Petraeus Fever Paralyzes Capital

Virtually every journalist in Washington, D.C. is feasting on the sex scandal surrounding Gen. David Petraeus. Howard Kurtz on the irresistible lure of tawdry affairs.

And this is just slightly to the right on the same page:

Reality Scandal

That’s the Newsweek Jr. two-step: outrage and sanctimony paired tightly with titillation and voyeurism.  Of course, they aren’t nearly as good at it as . . .

DailyCallerLogo Boom:

Related Coverage - Other Attractive People

But unrelated celebrity naval gazing is pretty standard these days, where’s that extra special reach into something genuinely disgusting I’ve come to expect from Carlson’s House of Wingnut Welfare?  Oh, there it is:

Too Hot Not To Publish

The thinking here seems to be that if she didn’t want to see herself in a conservative tabloid, she shouldn’t have been “hot”.  Eat a bag of dicks, Tucker & Friends.

usatodaylogo What this has to do with anything, I have no idea:

Dr. Phil 'Tech'

Turns out that execrable flimflam man has written a book about technology.  Because I get all my advice about electronics from senior citizens who don’t seem smart enough to dial a phone without written instructions.

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“Scary, no?  And this guy’s head of the Spaceology Department at the Correspondence College of Tampa!” – Bart Simpson

CNNlogo I have no response to this:

Anal Probes

Actual dialogue from the video:

“even this aviation expert is mystified”

“we first learned about these strange sightings when this metro-area man, who does not want to be identified, brought us his home video”

“but if you slow it down, frame by frame, it’s there”

“we wanted to verify that the video we saw was legit”

And there’s even the bog standard government denial, complete with scary font:

Government Coverup! 

FNLogo FOX generally, and the nationalists specifically, have been pretty subdued since they stood down from Bias Alert last week.  This is more like it:

Not Misleading At All

That’s White House spokesdork Jay Carney in the photo, but the cryptic quote is from a reporter asking about the increasingly spectacular end of David Petraeus.  Not that the combination of the two could be in any way misunderstood.  (Hey, at least they aren’t chasing aliens over Denver.)

DailyCallerLogo Without commenting on the linked story, I just think it’s funny that this rather, uh, aspirational map is the one Tucker & Friends went with:

Romney Wins Wisconsin and Pennsylvania!

You can almost hear the sighs of regret.

NPRlogo Derp-a-durr!:

How No One EverSteals a Car From the accompanying article:

At some carwashes, Kinkade dropped off the car with a copy of Maxim magazine inside it — the magazine contains plenty of suggestive pictures of semi-clad women. Underneath a seat, Kinkade also left crushed beer cans.

The idea, he said in an interview, was to suggest the driver of the car was somehow "deviant." Kinkade said he and his colleagues wanted to explore the possibility that when people’s behavior marks them as being somehow out of the mainstream, they are more likely to become victims of crime.

It will surprise you not a whit to learn that the idiot conducting this “Study” works at a private Jebus college. 

ABC Logo I’m so glad I started checking ABC News.  It’s almost a tabloid:

Potential Suitors to Increase Our Pageviews

Yup, it’s a pageview whoring slideshow of other famous people.  Nothing more, nothing less, and if you look closely, you can see the heavily tortured almost-corpse of journalism begging for death in the corner. 

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“A hundred thousand for a picture of Britney peeing on a ladybug!  Imagine what a photo of her crapping on a squirrel is worth!” – Kyle Broflovski

CNNlogo Atlanta is flush with the truly pointless this morning:

Bieber Latenight A celebrity break up plus Jay Leno and David Letterman doing their jobs, and that’s before we get to:

Ooh Catfight And:

Julie After Dentist

Here’s what I don’t get.  The video of the kid being stoned after getting her wisdom teeth removed is labeled “Distraction”, but the one about the celebrity relationships and the two about comedy programs doing comedy aren’t.  Very odd editorial standards they have there. 

DailyCallerLogo Carlson’s House of Wingnut Welfare continues its mission to bring light spank material in a proper, conservative manner:

NBA Cheerleaders (Probably Obama Voters)

Coming tomorrow, which hospitals have the sexiest nurses and a revealing look at bras: which work better, front clasp or the other kind?

DailyBeastLogo Balancing the sex versus the more important security and political connotations of something like the still expanding Petraeus story is a tricky job for even the most reserved and intelligent of news outlets.  This is not how you do that:


We’re already reducing a person who isn’t accused of anything except unapproved sex as “Paula” and referring to her interactions with another woman, about whom the news knows even less, as a “cat fight”.  Not that we should expect sobriety and intelligence from Newsweek Jr.:

Secret Affair Tips for Discerning Sparkly Vampires

ABC Logo Mickey’s News Club is also working the celebrity beat this morning:

Weight Loos, Famous People, Click Bait!

There’s nothing quite as click worthy as extreme weight loss plus fame, but that doesn’t make it informative, and last I checked the word “News” was still part of the title down there. 

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“You too, huh?  Hey, I know a good yogurt place.” – Jimmy Carter
“Get away from me, loser.” – Bush the Elder

WSJlogo1 Ha!:

Aww, Sad Fugees

The big story with the picture of the sad brokers is the lead, because that nasty government might be raising taxes and scaring away the Confidence Fairy.  The actual story, the one that doesn’t fit the Murdoch line of all taxes are bad all the time, is that stock futures have risen.  This is why you never let Rupert Murdoch buy your once respectable newspaper.

DailyBeastLogo This morning Newsweek Jr. is deeply concerned about aristocrats who fell short of power:

Mitt and Some Lady I supposed it’s nice to see Mittens reduced to speculative tabloid copy, but this is still pretty low, even by the waiting room floor standards of Newsweek Jr.

DailyCallerLogo More penile insecurity from Tucker & Friends:

Mmm, Dark Dong

If you’re wondering whether or not there’s a picture of a woman in a bikini in the article, please don’t.  Of course there is.

PoliticoLogo Swampgas Daily still thinks it’s the 1990s:

Newt's Essay on How He Spent His Summer Vacation

Little Newtie’s essay is entirely comprised of one sentence paragraphs.

Like this.

No, I don’t know why.

He probably doesn’t either.

And in addition to him, we’ve also got:

Politico Self Portrait

Is it possible for a crappy “newspaper” to take a self portrait?  Because that’s what this would be if there was any shred of honesty down at Villager HQ.

ABC Logo Hey Mickey, get fucked:

Durr, Twilight Is Popular Still

And as if that wasn’t newsless enough, right next to it we’ve got:

Cavalcade of Celebrity Mourners

This particular piece of celebrity chasing is notably worse than usual because they put it up on account of what used to be called Armistice Day (note the fashionably mournful hat), but it’s actually just 93 (!) pictures of that British princess doing stuff.  We won a war to not care about that, and you’re retreating on Veterans Day?  Fuck you, ABC.

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“Welcome to Decision ’96, it’s eighteen months till the election and tonight we’ll focus on the Vice-Presidential candidates.  Since this is so boring and pointless, we will periodically be inserting clips from Baywatch.” – Political Reporter
“Help, help!  An octopus stole my bikini top!” – Hot Blonde
“I’ll get it.  But first I better put on my octopus repellent.  Ooh, oh yeah, that’s good octopus repellent.” – Not David Hasselhoff

CNNlogo Most people greet presidential elections with relief.  To all but a tiny, gossip obsessed minority the campaigns and their attendant horseshit are aggravating and frustrating, and seeing the end of them is all to the good.  CNN, of course, is run by some of the dimmer lights of that tiny minority, and has this:

2016 Aztec Apocalypse

As profoundly embarrassing as this should be for them, they double down with the subhead:

Analysis: The 2012 election just ended, but the 2016 campaign for the White House is underway.

First of all, that isn’t “Analysis”, that’s product positioning.  Second, no the 2016 campaign is not underway.  Not even close.  The only thing that’s underway are wanna-be insiders one upping each other with pointless, uninformed speculation.  But that never ceases. 

PoliticoLogo See?  Never:

Hillary Is Already Looking to the General

Put down the crack pipe, Politico.  We’re all worried about you.

FNLogo FOX has been on Bias Alert every day since well before the election.  But as any competent naval commander will tell you, readiness goes down if you leave the men at general quarters too long, which appears to be what’s happened this morning:

Damned Entertainment Reporters

The “Reuters Journo” in question is, drum roll please, an entertainment reporter who just became a citizen and committed the heinous crime of voting for the first time on Tuesday.  Of course, none of that stopped the twitchy paranoiacs at the Bias Alert CIC quoting from the Reuters handbook to try and damn her:

Reuters journalists should be mindful of the impact their publicly expressed opinions can have on their work and on Reuters.

What they fail to mention is that her Twitter page, to which the FOX article contains a broken link, says this right at the top:

Surrey girl, Warwick Uni/USC alum. All views my own, RTs not endorsements. Also tweeting @ReutersShowbiz

It specifically notes that these aren’t the views of Reuters, and since she’s not a political reporter, it’s difficult to think how tweeting about her first vote as a U.S. citizen for Obama impacts her work. 

To review: A reporter who doesn’t cover politics used her personal Twitter account, which specifically says that it doesn’t reflect the views of Reuters, to talk about the first time she voted.  Might be time to stand down from Bias Alert before someone starts taking inventory on the strawberries. 

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“What, do you think I want to be here?  I hate this place.  But it won’t let me leave.” – Wall-Mart Manager

CNNlogo It certainly didn’t take CNN long to revert back to normal.  Their lead story is the bullshit “Fiscal Cliff”, of which, unsurprisingly, they appear to have only the barest understanding:

Compromise or confrontation?: Fiscal cliff will need quick attention

The actual article contains no useful reporting whatsoever, it’s just a series of back and forth quotes from public statements

Republicans said higher rates would damage the economy, while Democrats said it was the only equitable way to tackle the debt.

Congress faces an end-of-the-year deadline before massive spending cuts kick in and tax breaks begin to expire, including the Bush-era tax cuts at the end of December. The fiscal cliff also includes so-called sequestration — automatic across-the-board spending cuts set to trigger at the beginning of 2013 if Capitol Hill fails to create a deficit-reduction plan.

So, both sides do it, and terrible things will happen if they don’t compromise.  Got it.  And the fact that these things can be just as easily fixed after the deadline as before?  Nothing.  Anything about how nothing irrevocable happens or even how “cliff” is a terrible and misleading metaphor?  Nada. 

Beyond misunderstanding that, they’re back to their usual collection of uninformative time wasters:

Celebrities, Wal-Mart, Fat People

CNN’s featured stories include Wal-Mart having a sale, a celebrity working on a new television show that may or may not ever get made, and what bachelor parties look like in the Czech Republic.  The mind reels at how any of this is news. 

FNLogo Meanwhile, in winger land:

Boo-Hoo Media

Media Research Center President L. Brent Bozell summed up the campaign news coverage by calling journalism “roadkill.” “The media lauded Obama no matter how horrendous his record, and they savaged Obama’s Republican contenders as ridiculous pretenders,” he wrote.

And who penned this litany of media horror?

Dan Gainor is the Boone Pickens Fellow and the Media Research Center’s Vice President for Business and Culture. He writes frequently about media for Fox News Opinion.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how wingnut welfare works.  Get billionaire sugar daddies (Boone Pickens Fellow) to sponsor your front group and give you a fancy title (Vice President for Business and Culture), then write an article that cites as one of its main pieces of evidence a quote from your boss (Media Research Center President).  The guys in charge get their asses kissed while the intended audience is bamboozled by stuff that looks official and well thought out but is actually as authoritative as the guy on the street corner screaming about people stealing his thoughts. 

DailyCallerLogo Speaking of wingnut welfare, the lead story at Tucker Carlson’s shop:

Pyramids of Porn

“Pyramids of Porn”?  What does that even mean? 

usatodaylogo Oh, for fuck’s sake:

Please Your Masters!

The whole thing is an ode to the Confidence Fairy (“make investors happy, boost confidence and get the markets and economy moving again”), but there’s plenty of banker boot licking as well:

3. Roll back onerous regulations. Stiff regulations imposed on banks, oil exploration companies and coal companies by Obama are crimping economic growth, corporate profitability and business opportunities in these industries, says George Schwartz, president of both Schwartz Investment Counsel and the Ave Marie Mutual Funds.

"He’s got to roll back the regulations if he wants to create jobs, boost the economy and help generate wealth," he says.

I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to say, “Please, sir, may I have another” after something like that. 

PoliticoLogo No.  Bad Swampgas Daily, bad:

2024 Primaries Are Only A Dozen Years Away