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“D’oh!  Twenty million women in the world and I had to marry Jane Fonda.” – Homer Simpson

FoxNationLogo The nationalists hit all the buttons today.  They’ve got the War on Christmas:

It's the Great Lawsuit Charlie Brown

In which we find out that a parent in Arkansas objected to a school bus being used to haul kids to a church to see a play, which FOX Nation managed to conflated into unnamed, mysterious and powerful seeming “Critics”.  There’s also an unfounded assertion that rich people aren’t going to keep supporting all those gift receiving moochers who re-elected Obama:

Honey, Where's Out Atlas Shrugging Card

That one is based around a very noisy and one sourced survey that has nothing to do with taxes (FOX just speculates that a slight decrease in weekly self reported spending is about anticipated higher tax rates).  And, because the “Pic of the Day” with Heidi Klum in a tight dress isn’t enough, they’ve also got:

Bikini News

This is the entirety of the text after you click:

Maria Menounos proves she has one of the hottest bodies on television, showing off plenty of skin for December’s “Men’s Fitness.”

The 34-year-old “Extra” host wears a couple of tiny bikinis in the sexy front page shoot.

They’ve got cultural resentment, the looming liberal econo-pocalypse, and hot TV babes in bikinis, and I haven’t even mentioned the Michael Moore story, the one about failing solar companies, medical layoffs related to Obamacare, or even, just for old times sake, Jane Fonda.  They went full spectrum wingnut this morning. 

DailyCallerLogo Tucker & Friends have their usual assortment of nothing today, but this is amusing:

Prosecutor Porn

And what is this ex-porn star’s name?  Mark Suben.  He’s a middle aged fat guy with a mustache.  Shockingly, they decided to go with a close-up of unrelated tits instead.

ABC Logo Oh for fuck’s sake:

All Horseshit, All the Time

ABC News: shopping tips, celebrity gossip and stalking a child who happens to have famous parents all in just one morning.  Jebus, I know network news divisions are in terminal decline, but that is some National Enquirer shit right there. 

CBSLogo Tiffany goes for the more direct bankster fluffing:

Sachs, the Great and Powerful

Something tells me that watching that space for a similarly obsequious interview with, say, someone who doesn’t think “entitlements” must be cut would be a futile exercise. 

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