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“Finally, I just stopped caring.  Luckily by then it was the 80s and no one noticed.” – Reverend Lovejoy

CNNlogo As you’d expect, most news outlets are running generic campaign coverage (Romney and Obama race to finish!, yadda yadda yadda), but there is always fun to be had on, and here on the morning before the election, it’s this:

Less News, More Graphics

It’s video clips of CNN’s election night coverage from every presidential election from 1980 through 2008.  What’s so fascinatingly macabre about it is that you can watch the news content become gradually overwhelmed by graphics and bullshit.  In 1980, it’s people sitting at a desk reporting the news.  (Come back, Bernard Shaw!)  By 1992 we’ve got a panel of “experts” yammering away, and then by 2004 and 2008 it’s crazy computer walls and fake holograms and the election itself is almost an afterthought.  You can actually see CNN go from one of the best news organizations on the planet to a tittering laughing stock in just two and a half minutes.  It’s amazing.  And, of course, there’s this, which is right below that sad history lesson:

Election Night, Buddy!

Yep, CNN’s history gets two and a half minutes, Pauly Shore gets nearly four.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and Atlanta will go out of business before they can embarrass themselves further in 2016. 

DailyBeastLogo Newsweek Jr. is feeling dignified this morning:

Leave Michelle's Clothes Aloooooone

A fine sentiment, too bad that this was running in the exact same spot just two weeks ago:


You suck, Newsweek Jr.

DailyCallerLogo Tucker & Friends certainly won’t let a pesky thing like an election distract them from offering soft core porn for their dick pill demographic:

Election Slideshows

They call this a news site.  It’s amazing.

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