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“My God, the Mad Magazine special edition!  They only put out seventeen of these a year!” – Bart Simpson
“Boy, they’re really socking it to that Spiro Agnew guy again, he must work there or something.” – Milhouse van Houten

CNNlogo Give Atlanta credit, they’re still mostly focused on hurricane stories and recovery.  Take away said credit, because they’re back to doing shit like this:

Dating Tips for Magazines and Pumpkins Over 50

FoxNationLogo It took a day, but the various tentacles of the Murdoch empire finally got on the same page:

Rove Is Always Right

Well, I’m convinced.  Ooh, also:

Daniel Day Lewis

This is clearly over.  Why even have the election?  Clap harder you fucking proles!

DailyCallerLogo Tucker & Friends continue their mission to publicize crap that even FOX News thinks is juvenile and irrelevant:


The article is even funnier:

The 2.6 grade can’t be confirmed, is contradicted by some evidence, and it doesn’t say anything about the courses, professors and associations Obama was immersed in during his two-year stay in Columbia.

If that’s not worth impeaching him, I don’t know what is. 

ABC Logo Apparently Disney can’t help but keep track of its wayward youth oriented product positioning experiments:

Mouseketeers In Trouble

You can quit the Mickey Mouse Club, but no one ever leaves.

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