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“Alright, you heard Mr. Skorpio.” – Henchman
“No, just ‘Skorpio’, remember, how we’re doing that from now on?” – Skorpio
“Sorry, sir.” – Henchman

FNLogo There are few things on-line more tortured than FOX trying to discuss climate change:

We Got Climate and Skeptic in the Headline, Right

The article is a wonder of omission, elision, and overall tip-toeing around the reality of a warming Earth.  So they’ll quote scientists who are four square behind climate change as a real thing but aren’t convinced how much it directly influenced Sandy, but in their body copy still refer to the “climate change debate”, just so you know that FOX itself is still iffy on the whole concept.  The important thing: Democrats are wrong and at least some scientists disagree with them.  The less important thing that is artfully concealed: the disagreement is over a minor point, not the grand one we want our readers to assume. 

FoxNationLogo You know nerves are getting frayed ahead of the main event on Tuesday because even the usually disciplined nationalists are having a hard time keeping everyone on the same page:

Dead Heat Means Good News for John McCain

Oh, so with all that momentum, Mittens is tied.  Except that:

Gaining Ground While Still Ahead, Impressive

Wait, Romney’s “Closing Ground on Obama”?  I thought it was a dead heat, or that he was already ahead and all but assured of victory?  Karl Rove certainly thinks so . . . 


Rove: Sifting the Numbers for a Winner

It comes down to numbers. And in the final days of this presidential race, from polling data to early voting, they favor Mitt Romney.

. . . unless of course, he’s lying, but I think we can trust him.  Either way, you’d think various Murdoch entities would be better coordinated. 

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