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“What are you doing?” – Eric Cartman
“We’re in line for the spook house.” – Butters Stotch
“Line?  Line!  I hate lines!” – Eric Cartman

CNNlogo Even with their hurricane coverage, CNN can’t resist a little celebrity gossip:

Hurricanes of the Rich and Famous

The story includes such useful and informative insights as:

@ryanlochte: Due to Hurricane #Sandy the @90210 episode is postponed until November 5th. Hope everyone is safe up north!


@Jon_Favreau: Stay safe, East coast. #sandy

And, oh yes:

@snooki: Ahhhhh our power went out!

FNLogo Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of hurricane will keep FOX from accusing others of not being as unbiased as they are:

Twitter Bias Is Biased

And what was this particular thought crime?  It was to crack a joke on Twitter about Romney aids spamming an endorsement:

Late last week, CNN political reporter Peter Hamby clearly showed his partisan stripes by tweeting his apparent irritation at a flurry of Tweets he must have received from Mitt Romney staffers and supporters gleefully trumpeting the front page of last Thursday’s Des Moines Register. In response, he sent out a snarky Tweet of his own, “any Romney/RNC staffers not tweeted Des Moines Register front page yet?  @KevinMaddenDC is keeping score,” he tweeted.

To the re-education camp with him!

NPRlogo Apparently the hurricane didn’t keep all of NPR’s story monkeys busy:

Lines, How Do They Work

It’s a story about lines, and while it is just as vapid as you’d think, it also manages to contain both this:

And because there is in the idea of "the line" an understood premise – and promise. It’s an inherently American notion that some day, at some point, if you are polite and patient and play by the rules, you will move to the front of the line. And at last it will be your turn. And you will finally get your chance to do what you want to do.

And this:

Lines Around The World

Different societies, of course, exhibit different queuing cultures, according to sociologist David R. Gibson of Princeton University.

They couldn’t even write a story about waiting in line without it being so mushy headed and poorly written that it contradicted itself.  Lines: too challenging for NPR.

DailyCallerLogo Carlson’s House of Wingnut Welfare knows that this storm is only an excuse for the media to continue ignoring something Obama said at a party in 1984 . . . when he was living in New York!:


Was Hurricane Sandy a dastardly Chicago-style plot to destroy evidence that Obama was receiving instructions from the KGB while he was a student at Columbia?  We’re just asking questions.  Speaking of the routine obsessions of Tucker & Friends:

I Like Hurricane Butts and I Cannot Lie!

They are consistent, you’ve got to give them that. 

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