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“I think a hurricane is coming!” – Lisa Simpson
“Oh, Lisa, there’s no record of a hurricane ever hitting Springfield.” – Homer Simpson
“Yes, but eh records only go back to 1978 when the Hall of Records was mysteriously blown away.” – Lisa Simpson

DailyCallerLogo As you’d expect, most media outlets are all Hurricane Sandy all the time this morning, which means that they’re well below normal levels of stupid.  Fortunately, Carlson’s House of Wingnut Welfare has cut through those boring preparedness stories and warnings about when the storm is coming aground to bring you a billionaire boner:

Bloomberg Boner

From the article:

Either Bloomberg gets super excited about emergency preparedness, his personal area was caught on-camera at a weird angle, or he once had a particular fondness for a woman named Sandy.

This being Tucker & Friends, they’ve also got to talk about the supply side of elderly erections:

Ice Cream Babes 2 - Cream HarderAnd:

From Jezebel to Janet Reno

Apparently, the women of loose morals named Sandy slideshow will have to wait until tomorrow. 

usatodaylogo McPaper has the usual hurricane coverage, but digs a bit deeper than most to come up with something really idiotic:

Hurricane Stocks (Limited Time Only)

The stock market is actually closed today thanks to the hurricane, but that doesn’t mean that wild financial speculation need cease! 

WSJlogo1 Hurricane or not, the Journal always has op-ed space for tax lunatics:

Steve Forbes: The Fiscal Duty of Congress’s Lame Duck

Remember Steve Forbes?  He’s back, and he “wrote” a “manifesto”:

Mr. Forbes, the chairman of Forbes Media, is co-author of "Freedom Manifesto: Why Free Markets Are Moral and Big Government Isn’t" (Crown Business, 2012).

I eagerly look forward to reading Comrade Forbes description of the glorious revolutionary flat tax owners paradise.

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