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“Mary Bailey isn’t going to fire me if I don’t vote for her.  I’m for Monty Burns!” – Homer Simpson

CNNlogo Stay classy, CNN:

Is Stupid a Factor in CNN Headlines

The linked story isn’t nearly as bad as the headline, basically just a rundown of the New Hampshire doughboy’s idiotic remarks and immediate ‘clarification’.  But to put a leading question mark on that headline on the homepage like that will give who knows how many thousands or tens of thousands of people the wrong impression about what happened.  Not that CNN’s featured stories have ever been a bastion of dignity and important information:

Gangnam Perry NEWS

usatodaylogo What’s curious about this headline, is that it’s labeled “Travel” instead of “Business”:

Hilton in Vegas . . . Ewww. This isn’t as bad a finding cruise line deals for people, but it’s also hardly anything more than a nice free ad for Hilton:

The upscale, contemporary chain, known for giving guests chocolate chip cookies, will offer Hilton’s loyalty program members a spot on The Strip after a nearly 14-year absence. The Tropicana will be integrated into Hilton’s websites and toll-free reservations number.

USA Today: The Hilton loyalty program member’s national newspaper. 

WSJlogo1 Bravo:

Three Musketeers

Wittingly or not, that’s a great summation of respectable winger thought these days.  First, balance the budget but don’t touch military spending.  Second, George Washington wanted this to be a Judeo-Christian nation because history.  Third, employers intimidating their employees about their vote should be embraced because employers obviously know more about politics than any little peon who has to cash a paycheck to make ends meet.

DailyCallerLogo And what would a day be without Carlson’s House of Wingnut Welfare giving old guys a little spank material:

Attractive Clients

I think everyone’s getting what they want here:

For the third year in a row, the feminist firebrand says one of her clients could offer testimony that would incriminate Romney. It has something to do with Bain Capital and Staples or something. (Does it really matter?)

In light of this promising claim, here are nine of Allred’s fine, upstanding and attractive clients.

Give Tucker & Friends credit, they can find their way to “women in bikinis” from just about any topic you give them.  Lawsuit against one of Romney’s business partners?  Hot law clients, boom, slideshow. 

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