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“I bring you love.” – C.M. Burns
“Is that the love between a man and a woman, or the love of a man for a fine Cuban cigar?” – Dr. Hibbert

CNNlogo Again with the five things:

5 things to watch in tonight’s debate

There’s a lot of dumb and banal ideas in that article, but this one takes the cake:

3. The other stuff

Yep, one of their five is “other stuff”.  That’s the kind of perceptive and insightful analysis that can only come from the most trusted name is gossip, or maybe a thousand monkeys working at a thousand laptops.  Either way.

PoliticoLogo Because vapid analysis and tired gimmicks transcend mastheads, Swampgas Daily has their five as well:

Presidential debate: 5 things to watch Monday

This is probably the best one in terms of unadulterated obliviousness:

4. Night of the gaffe?

Even Obama wouldn’t be watching this debate in real time if he wasn’t actually required to be onstage.

He’d be part of the untold millions watching his beloved Chicago Bears take on the Detroit Lions (Romney’s childhood hometown team) on Monday Night Football. Baseball fans have their own big event too, in the form of a potentially decisive game seven of the Cardinals-Giants National League Championship game.

Those distractions, coupled with the debate’s foreign policy focus, will cut into the robust viewership enjoyed by the first two debates. And that means most voters will rely on a media filter, which tends to kill context and catch sound-bites, one-liners and gaffes.

Moreover, these are two men who don’t like each other, are tired from weeks of nonstop campaigning and are starting to feel relaxed in each other’s company. This is when people say stupid things.

The density of stupid is pretty high there.  Criticizing the “media filter” after going on about things that have nothing to do with “gaffes” is good (especially coming from Politico), but the prize goes to concluding with the contradiction that Obama and Romney don’t like each other but are starting to relax around each other.  Huh? 

Presumably a professional editor read “these are two men who don’t like each other . . . and are starting to feel relaxed in each other’s company”, but it’s hard to be sure.  It reads like a high school essay written an hour before it’s due. 

usatodaylogo McPaper would like you to enjoy a fabulous cruise:

A Word From Our Sponsors

I can’t quite put my finder on it, but there does seem to be something less than newsworthy about cruise lines running a sale. 

NPRlogo Meanwhile, part seven in NPR’s eye opening look at the bikini:

TV - The Coming Technology That Lets You Watch Your Radio

DailyCallerLogo While NPR is describing the newfangled moving picture show that comes right into your home, Carlson’s House of Wingnut Welfare is again displaying its sexual hang-ups:

Cigars and Babes!

Tucker & Friends like cigars and pictures of women sticking things in their mouths and don’t care who approves.  Take that, nobody! 

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