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“Dad, that’s a gag paper we got at the carnival.” – Lisa Simpson
“Oh.  No wonder I didn’t hear about Bart being elected ‘World’s Greatest Sex Machine’.” – Homer Simpson

CNNlogo Atlanta’s hapless nature as a “news” organization is on full display this morning.  For starters, they’ve got an anti-misogyny speech by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard:

Late On Gillard

This is actually the kind of thing that deserves attention, the female prime minister of an important country with a culture similar to our own went ham on sexism in front of video cameras.  The problem is that this speech happened, and went viral, two weeks ago.  CNN: way behind the times.

Next up is CNN’s usual collection of news free crap under the “Featured” heading that dominates their home page:

Babies and Celebrity Dogs

Where’s the news there?  Is it the teenager who bought two houses (which has actually been held over from yesterday)?  Is it the celebrity pets?  Is it the babies falling asleep, the local curiosities, Honey Boo Boo?  None of this is news, and most of it doesn’t even rise to the level of interesting time waster. 

Ah, but what about CNN’s political coverage?  We’re two and a half weeks away from the most important election in history (until next time), surely CNN is covering that?  Well, their lead story is “Obama, Romney trade one-liners” where we learn such electorally important information as:

On the heels of a contentious debate Tuesday night, Romney noted he and the president enjoyed "chatting pleasantly" at dinner.


Romney went on to deliver a series of zingers, using humor to needle the president and his policies.


For his part, Obama also took a self-deprecating approach, though he certainly made a few swipes at his opponent. The president drew most of his laughs when he poked fun at his widely panned debate performance in the first presidential showdown earlier this month.

None of this has anything to do with who might win, what either of their policies might do, or anything else that will actually affect people.  It’s completely news free.  And it gets worse. 

Check out the stories from the left column of their home page, in the “Election Center”:

Gossip, News, What's the Difference The headlines:

– Democrat: We gave Romney the binders
– Germany tuned in to U.S. election
– Truth about what Candy Crowley said
– Crowley: Binders line didn’t hit me
– Springsteen’s new tune for Obama
– Opinion: Romney’s ideas have edge
– Romney son’s joke: Hitting Obama
– Ticker: Biden’s ‘etch-a-sketchy’ line

Like their main story, there isn’t a single item there that has anything to do with how things are looking in critical swing states nor what effects each candidate’s policies might have on the country.  It’s all opinion, he-said-she-said crap, and other ephemera, and there isn’t a piece of useful field reporting to be seen. 

I’m sure CNN could get worse, possibly by somehow managing to become even more vapid, but it’s impossible for it to get any less informative.  They’ve already hit absolute zero on that one.

FNLogo FOX may be an unrepentant mouthpiece for Red propaganda, but they do manage to bring people interesting information each day.  Today they’re pumping the Benghazi conspiracy, Iranian nukes, and making fun of Joe Biden, but the big liberal affront to decency involves a theme park:

Themepark Bias

That’s right, FOX is calling bias on Universal Studios Orlando.  This isn’t news, but it’s certainly more interesting than anything Candy Crowley or Honey Boo Boo just said.

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