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“Gets movin!  Those newspapers won’ts deliver themselveses.  Only the Sunday edition can dos that.” – Daily Supernova Delivery Truck Guy

DailyBeastLogo Newsweek Jr. takes power of attorney and moves its parent into a home:

Digital Dumb Is Cheaper Than Print Dumb

Unfortunately, there’s still plenty of space for Newsweek style infotainment idiocy, as demonstrated by today’s Daily Beast headlines:

Sex, Hair and Sex

Today they’ve got a sexy prostitution case, funny hair styles, and an aging wrestler sex story.  Somehow, I’ve managed not to weep for the demise Newsweek’s printed reporting prowess. 

usatodaylogo But, hey, there’s still plenty of stupid in publications that are still printing on paper:

Fox Baby

And it’s not even good celebrity chasing, it’s weeks out of date. 

FNLogo Beware misleading subtitles:

Binders Again Note that it says “Ex-cabinet members and women’s groups” are supporting Romney.  The associated article, however, only mentions his former lieutenant governor and three cabinet members.  There isn’t a “women’s group” to be seen.  Shame on you, FOX, there are plenty of right wing women’s groups you could’ve contacted and you know it.  Don’t get lazy on us now, it’s only two and a half weeks until the end of the world.

WSJlogo1 Even by the low standards of the Journal’s op-ed page, this is sleazy:

Gramm and Solon: Can Government Benefits Turn an Election?

Yes, that’s Phil Gramm, former senator, deficit chicken-hawk, and general moron accusing Obama of buying the election with food-stamps:

How would voters have reacted in 1980 or 1992 if food-stamp benefits had grown by 65% instead of an average of less than 25% during the first four years of their administrations?

The article is wonderfully mealy-mouthed.  It has to both cover up the racist assumptions that underpin it and make sense of the fact that the 2010 election went against Obama even though he increased those nanny-state food stamp rolls to try and buy the votes of all those lazy you-know-whos.  I don’t think there’s a coherent thought or honest number in the entire thing.

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