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“Who screens these calls?  Who’s in charge here?  There’s nobody in charge!  They leave a building without people watching it, and anybody who wants can call in!” – Rabbi Krustofsky

FNLogo Last night was the third of four opportunities for a post-debate freakout from the political gossip press, and this morning they aren’t disappointing:

Transcripts Are Biased

It may not be a good sign if you have to say that a “transcript leaves room for debate” and then dump on the moderator. 

FoxNationLogo The nationalists are also on board for the “Blame Crowley” excuse:

Nine Percent Bias

Whining about the referees always makes things better, right?

DailyBeastLogo Hey, Newsweek Jr., go fuck yourself:

O-M-G, Pink!

DailyCallerLogo Um, guys, just because you want your headline to be alliterative doesn’t mean you can ignore the definition of a word:

This Word, Hoedown, It Actually Has a Meaning A “Hoedown” is many things, but it is not a debate between two presidential candidates.  Last didn’t even have music (though Romney and Obama square dancing would’ve been a sight).  Tucker & Friends also got in on the “blame the moderator” thing:

Terrible, Just Terrible I Tells You

Good luck with that.

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