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“Americans have grown up with the image of the jolly fat man, Dom DeLuise, Alfred Hitchcock and, of course, Santa Claus.  But in real life, Santa would be suffering from gall stones, hypertension, impotence and diabetes.” – Kent Brockman

CNNlogo Here’s a great big nothing burger:

Corner Man Likes His Fighter's Chances

This is 100% pure bullshit that has precisely zero news value whatsoever.  Needless to say, CNN is fascinated.

FNLogo For once, at least, FOX is no better:

Corner Man Likes His Fighter's Chances2

Again, there is no news whatsoever to this story.  It’s just click bait for over-caffeinated political junkies who need a hit and don’t care that they didn’t learn anything new.

FoxNationLogo The nationalists aren’t at the top of their game this morning either:

You Call that a Low Profile

Didn’t they get the memo that Bush the Younger is not to be mentioned, photographed, or talked about in any way until after the ascension of Mitt the First?  They are getting a nice head start on the War on Christmas, though:

Leave Santa Aloooooooone

The article links through to the New York Post (good Murdoch synergy there):

A one-woman vice squad — self-published Canadian author Pamela McColl — kicked St. Nick’s butt habit in a new version of the beloved poem about “the night before Christmas.”

McColl deleted two verses — “The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth/and the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath”— and hired an illustrator to redraw Santa without his pipe and halo of tobacco haze.

Even by Murdoch standards, this is weak sauce winger butthurt.  Christmas is so fragile now that a self published author – Canadian no less – is a “one-woman vice squad”?  You guys need to do better than that.

NPRlogo Important campaign reporting, everybody:

Newsflash - People Have Opinions and Priorities Now, Ohio has a lot of Catholics, and it’s more important than any other state in terms of Romney or Obama getting to that sweet, sweet 270 electoral votes.  But this piece of dreck does nothing to analyze a) how Catholics have voted in the past, b) how they’re likely to vote next month, or c) how well either candidate is doing with them.  Instead, they quoted a bunch of people about what they like or don’t like and called it a story.  Seriously:

Vincent Miller, who teaches religion and theology at University of Dayton in Ohio, says Biden and Ryan represent the two great themes in Catholics’ politics.

"They care about life issues especially," he says. "Catholics also … think in terms of community and they think in terms of government having responsibility for community."

Miller says different issues bring out different Catholic voters. For instance, in 2004, there was a gay marriage amendment on the ballot.

Anything about whether or not that helped the Reds in 2004?  Nope.  Any polling data on what might be important this year?  Nada.  Just some people talking.  I guess this is the kind of quality reporting they can’t bring you without your donation.

DailyBeastLogo Newsweek Jr., channeling the ghost of its parent publication, answers a question no one asked:

Fuckin' Models

There’s a lot to be said about the borderline anorexic body shape that gets held up as healthy and ideal in our popular media, but is anyone actually blaming runway models for this?  That’s like blaming the underpaid Chinese people who slave away for Apple.

usatodaylogo McPaper has gone full ESPN this morning:

Blue Dot Sportscenter

Their homepage is a big picture of Aaron Rodgers, and of their six lead stories, five of them (counting the skydiving guy) are about sports.  Yikes.

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