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“Oh, that’s it, you just can’t insult this guy!  You call him a moron and he just sits there, grinning moron-ally.” – Homer Simpson

CNNlogo As expected, lots of debate post-mortem this morning.  Atlanta, perhaps being a tad too self revealing, goes with this:

Stats, Grins, and Malarkey

“Stats, grins and ‘malarkey’” would actually make a pretty accurate description of CNN. 

FNLogo As always, you’ve gotta respect the stones at FOX.  Their first sub-head story is what even they’ll admit is Red spin:

Disrespectful Biden They report, without question, what the Republicans are saying, and even have a nice little headline link comparing Biden to noted buffoon Chris Matthews.  Just to the right, on the exact same page and level, is a “BIAS ALERT”:

Disrespectful Liberal Media

So the “Liberal media” has different takes on the debate, and that constitutes the great sin of bias, but the other side of the page where “Republicans quickly pounce on Biden’s poise” is fair and balanced.  Like I said, you’ve got to admire the stones it takes to do that.

FoxNationLogo Meanwhile, the nationalists have simply declared victory and gone home.  Here’s a typical sample:

Biden Sucks Donkey Dong

Nothing to see here, just Biden acting crazy (they’ve got one headline accusing him of being “Off His Meds”) and the unquestioned triumph of Paul Ryan. 

DailyCallerLogo Meanwhile, at the kids table, Tucker & Friends continue to display their inability to grasp the half of the population where cooties come from:

Girl Stuff, Ewww

So, according to Carlson’s House of Wingnut Welfare, just mentioning abortion, a safe and effective medical procedure that one third of all women will undergo in their lifetimes, is a liberal trap.  Good to know. 

NPRlogo Pfft, pikers:

5 Takeaways From The Vice Presidential Debate

PoliticoLogo Let the Village rag show you how it’s done:

7 takeaways from the Danville debate

And they didn’t waste those extra two “takeaways” either, they crammed in bonus stupid:

It was a brawl

No, it wasn’t.

It all depends on Tuesday in New York

And no, it doesn’t.

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