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“Well, I’m going to take advantage of this rare opportunity, even if you children aren’t interested.  Um, which do you think is more important, hard work or stick-to-itiveness?” – Principal Skinner
“Are there any real questions?” – C.M. Burns

CNNlogo & PoliticoLogo The two dumbest “news” sources in America square off in competition to see whose “5 things to watch in VP debate” is more vacuous.  First CNN:

5 Dumb Things (CNN)

Then Politico:

5 Dumb Things (Politico)

CNN certainly gets things started stupidly:

1. Will Biden go where Obama didn’t?

You mean, Kentucky?  I can’t imagine why he’d have been there lately.  Politico?:

1. Can Biden draw blood?

Ooh, good one.  Let’s hope he doesn’t, Ryan looks like a fainter and that wouldn’t do anyone any good. 

Things get worse from there, and while CNN wins a lot of stupid points for things like “Can Ryan be seen as commander in chief?”, I think this one goes to Politico.  Not only does the Village rag score points for “Will Ryan let his feel-your-pain- flag fly” (which doesn’t even appear to be English) and “Good Joe v. Bad Biden”, but after it gets to all of those it asks:

5. How will foreign policy play?

This is a triple play of stupid.  Not only are they a) viewing the entire thing through who reminds them most of the dreamy lead from high school drama club, but they’ve also b) reduced the grand scope of American foreign policy down to a single question of less importance than “Can Biden draw blood?” all while c) managing not to raise a single actual issue except whether or not Ryan will be mean to Biden over last month’s attack in Libya which, while tragic, isn’t exactly a pressing concern of the utmost importance.  Politico wins the morning! 

FNLogo You can’t help but admire FOX’s tenacity in being outraged, even years later over something nobody cared about in the first place:

Ancient Grudges

So the AP issued an apology for publishing a goofy picture, and FOX’s immediate reaction is to demand another one from four years ago!  (And to rerun the picture in question!)  That’s how you get an inch and take a mile; well done, FOX.

DailyCallerLogo Carlson’s House of Wingnut Welfare just keeps on keepin’ on:

They Love the 90s!

So Obama was in favor of something in 1994 that he’s still in favor of now?  I’m not even sure that they know why they’re doing this anymore.  It might just be a reflex at this point.

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