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“Is she hot?” – Fry
“That not important.  She all knowing.” – Amazonian
“In other words, no.” – Fry

DailyCallerLogo Continuing its ongoing mission to give old men who can’t find their own porn something to click:

Hot Conservatives & Hot Babes (Daily Caller Exclusives!)

In addition to yesterday’s slideshow of “women hotter than Mila Kunis”, now we’ve got “Female GOP politicians are better looking than liberal politicians”.  Oh, and I found out why they’re down on Kunis:

Liberal Wench

Let’s examine this chain of events.  Esquire runs a cover story on a famous actress in which she says that she doesn’t like the current Republican Party’s less than enlightened attitude toward half the population:

“The way that Republicans attack women is so offensive to me,” Kunis said.

This so thoroughly wilts the boners at Tucker & Friends, that they run this at the bottom of their story on her:

If you care to take a gander at 10 women hotter than Mila Kunis, you may want to click here.

Which confirms pretty much every awful stereotype about how poorly the right treats and understands women.  That’s funny enough.  But their slideshow is a bunch of other famous actresses, and while I don’t know if all of them are filthy Blues like Kunis, they do link to Scarlett Johansson, prominent Obama supporter and speaker at this year’s DNC, and Angelina Jolie, who met privately with Obama earlier this year. 

In other words, they create a list of “hotter” women out of spite for another woman saying she didn’t like Republicans, but at least two of their choices are bigger Obama backers than the actress they were originally trying to denigrate.  Not only are they misogynists, they’re incompetent misogynists. 

CNNlogo Yesterday it was Carlson’s House of Wingnut Welfare that linked Lindsay Lohan to porn, today it’s CNN:

Lohan 'Porn'=Pageviews Galore! (CNN Edition)Tabloid cries for attention that are a day behind Tucker and Friends are certainly embarrassing, but CNN outdid itself with this one:

Hotel Promotion Story

The article is literally nothing but free publicity for a bunch of hotels and JetBlue:

The Loews Annapolis offers a late check-out to give campaigners and others the chance to sleep in. Also included: a walking tour of the United States Naval Academy or historic Annapolis, Maryland.

The entire story is just cutesy discounts like that and where you can go to get them. 

NPRlogo Here’s the tote bag brigade with a worthless headline for an equally worthless story:

Young People Talking I’m sure this was enlightening and not the least bit chewed over talking points:

We sat down with these students — Democrats, Republicans and a libertarian — around a table in a seminar classroom in CSU’s Political Science Department on a rainy September morning.


DailyBeastLogo Newsweek Jr. takes an, um, unique approach to the Jerry Sandusky sentencing:

Pennsylvania Travel Guide

I’m sure the Pennsylvania tourism board just loves that.  

WSJlogo1 Jack Welch, formerly respectable ex-CEO of GE, takes to the pages of the Murdoch Times to complete his transformation into a whiney, wingnut shill:

Jack Welch: I Was Right About That Strange Jobs Report

Imagine a country where challenging the ruling authorities—questioning, say, a piece of data released by central headquarters—would result in mobs of administration sympathizers claiming you should feel "embarrassed" and labeling you a fool, or worse.

Soviet Russia perhaps? Communist China? Nope, that would be the United States right now, when a person (like me, for instance) suggests that a certain government datum (like the September unemployment rate of 7.8%) doesn’t make sense.

Uh, Jack?  In Soviet Russia and Communist China you don’t get “embarrassed” or labeled a fool, you get sent to prison or shot in the head.  This is America, and yes, when you, a famous person, say demonstrably stupid shit (on Twitter, no less, you fool!) you are going to be ridiculed, just not by government jackboots or whatever it is you worry about in that paranoid little mind of yours.  The rest of the op-ed is the usual conspiratorial smokescreen of “hey, just asking questions” and statistical innumeracy, though this is gussied up a bit because it’s at and not or 

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