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“Marge, it takes two to lie.  One to lie, and one to listen.” – Homer Simpson 

CNNlogo Again with the list of five things:

5 things we learned from the debate

Of which this is easily the dumbest:

5. Chris Christie vindicated

Yes, if there’s one thing that’ll affect the presidential election the day after the first debate, it’s hardly seen comments by a governor who isn’t on either ticket. 

FNLogo The consensus of the yammerers seems to be that Mittens out talked the President, but that he also lied his head off (even by his standards).  FOX, as you’d expect, focuses on the former (neither the word “fact” nor “check” appears on their homepage this morning), but notice what else isn’t there:

Ten Stories, All Debate

That idiotic five year old YouTube video of Obama that they had everywhere yesterday doesn’t rate so much as a mention. 

FoxNationLogo Further proof that yesterday morning’s non-story was a complete miss, the nationalists kept it alive for a second day, but also put another old video right next to it. 

Old Tapes

DailyCallerLogo Carlson’s House of Wingnut welfare has pretty boring debate crap this morning, but if you scroll down a bit, they’re also running this:

Hack Fight!

A feud over who’s more biased and hackish between Politico and Tucker & Friends?  Given the massive insecurity and easily ruffled feathers on both sides, this could be a hell of a match.  Instead, of course, both will be disqualified midway through the first round for doing nothing but staring at their own navels while flailing at empty parts of the ring. 

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