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“If you interfere, I’ll release this tape.” – Bob Dole
“Pretty kitty calico, you know that I love you so, with your fur so soft and fair . . .” – Duke Phillips

DailyCallerLogo About half of the right wing media is flogging a story about an Obama video from 2007 in which he says that the Katrina response was botched in part because of institutional racism (which is hardly news to anyone even remotely familiar with the immediate and long term responses) and talks about winger bogyman Jeremiah Wright (a year before his tempest in a teapot remarks came to light):


For proof of just how lame this story really is, FOX is all over it . . .

FNLogo . . . both at the mothership . . .:

Video Shows Obama Suggesting Neglect of New Orleans Was Racial

FoxNationLogo . . . and down at the nationalist fever swamp:

Daily Caller Uncovers Stunning New Obama Tape

But that’s it.  It’s not at the Weekly Standard, National Review or Wall Street Journal.  In other words, they released a tape that’s five years old (and has already been reported in the news) the night before the first debate, which is what every one of those worthless lamestream pundits, including many conservatives, will be yammering about this time tomorrow.  I don’t know when the wingers got this bad at bullying around the media, but it is fun to watch them flail

CNNlogo Meanwhile, in more incompetent but less ideological outlets, the top story is the one that will be all over the place today and tomorrow, the debate:

5 things to watch in tonight’s debate

Of which the stupidest is probably:

5. Taking the zing out of zingers

Well, that would just leave “ers”, wouldn’t it? 

PoliticoLogo The official village gossip rag has the same story and five different but equally stupid questions:

Colorado presidential debate: 5 things to watch

Of which the stupidest is probably:

5. Is Obama ready for prime-time?

It seems like a crazy question to ask about a man who has governed the country during one of its most tumultuous recent periods — and a guy who speaks in public nearly as much as he speaks in private. But the truth is Obama is really, really rusty when it comes to debating.

This implies that they think the task of debating Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann was like some kind of Rocky-esque training montage when cardboard cutouts might have been more challenging opposition. 

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