Reading Digest – 1 October 2012   Leave a comment

“You get any of that in the trash can?” – Pam
“No, I missed on purpose.” – Sterling Archer

CNNlogo The closest thing to news here is an eighteen year-old booting:

Bieber Boot

People who went to journalism school put this together, and they didn’t even get good art.

FNLogo Watch and learn, CNN:

Guns, Votes and Lohan

FOX has a fake scandal that was already put to bed but is kept alive for partisan reasons, something approaching real reporting about the Supreme Court, and violence against a starlet with a good picture.  CNN has Bieber puking.  Atlanta deserves to get crushed in the ratings.

FoxNationLogo The nationalists have a worthless but scary (with question mark in the headline!) story about terrorism:

Run Away!

Which is right above three stories about wallowing in victimization:

Paul and Chris Pwn the Post

Which are right next to the “Pic of the Day”, which is a woman in a bikini.  CNN has Justin Bieber yorking on stage. 

DailyBeastLogo Newsweek Jr. has one of the biggest movie stars in history, one of the biggest rock stars in history, and a pretty young blonde girl sitting on an old guy’s lap:

Schwarzenegger & Jagger Wed Headless Teen Bride

That is grade-A celebrity gossip.  CNN has a guy no one under the age of twenty cares about losing his lunch.

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