Reading Digest – 27 September 2012   2 comments

“It figuratively kills me to say this . . .” – Sterling Archer

FoxNationLogo It will not come as news to anyone that the nationalist department at News Corp has a vigorous dislike of the current President.  But they were really on their game this morning with people (rhetorically) hurting the man.  This is their lead story:

Rove Shatters Obama Polling Myth

Which is backed up by all of these:

Gingrich Destroys Obama: ‘Barack Obama Wakes Up Every Morning and Thinks About Barack Obama’

New Romney Ad Slams Obama On Middle Class Erosion

Sununu Skewers Obama: ‘He’s Absolutely Lazy and Detached from His Job’

For the record, and just this morning, the nationalists have Obama getting shattered, destroyed, slammed and skewered.  Ouch.  Poor guy.

DailyCallerLogo An often overlooked requirement to stay on the wingnut welfare dole is to make sure that the elderly fellows who make up most of your audience have a steady diet of classy but semi-naked pictures of women to view.  (One assumes that many of these guys, being a bit older, may not be tech savvy or otherwise comfortable enough to find said pictures on their own.)  But Tucker & Friends have them covered with “10 reasons to go see ‘Looper’”:

Only Really One Reason to See Looper

It’s just a slideshow of glossy, photoshopped Emily Blunt pictures.  News! 

NYTimes Logo More Style section crap floats to the surface:

No Goes There, It's Too Crowded This is a triple whammy of “did you hear?” dinner party discussion: we can talk about kids drinking, note what they’re wearing, and cite nothing but anecdotes about why bar business may or may not be down.  But that wasn’t the dumbest, most evidence free thing in the Paywalled Lady this morning.  That title goes to this op-ed piece:

5 Reasons to Intervene in Syria Now

No, there’s no reason to actually read the article, because it was written by two guys who could not have been more spectacularly wrong about every foreign policy adventure we’ve contemplated in the last two decades:

Michael Doran is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. Max Boot is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and an adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

You’d be more likely to get intelligent advice about Syria from a ketchup packet than from Brookings, and Max Boot is just another interchangeable part in the Voltron of stupidity that is the neoconservative foreign policy establishment. 

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  1. Don’t let the Daily Crapper throw you off of Looper. I saw a press screening last night and it was very good. Complex, smart, dark and gritty; great science fiction.

    • Good to hear. I’m actually planning on seeing it tomorrow for our Box Score Cinema series. Been looking forward to it for a while.

      Charlie Sweatpants

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