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“I’ll start sorting these bras.” – Bart Simpson

FNLogo Guys, I know you work for a website and that these things are easy to post before you really read them, but this is just baby town frolics:

SEAL Apostrophe

That’s grade school apostrophe usage right there, and I know at least some of you made it to junior high.  The image is also a stock one and may or may not actually be of Navy SEALs, but that’s just nitpicking, isn’t it?  Never fear, though, some stock images are given more thought than others:

Replacement Refs My Ass

Yes, that’s nominally a story about the NFL.  Don’t worry, they weren’t the only ones.

DailyCallerLogo All great hack editors think alike:

Replacement Refs My Ass2

Yes, it could explain some of the terrible calls.  You know what couldn’t?  That woman’s ass.  That is all.

CNNlogo I’m not even sure they’re trying anymore:

Cell Phone Catastrophe

The lead story is a comedian pretending he doesn’t own a cell phone.  I don’t think anything more needs to be said, but these are too good to let pass entirely:

Photos: Re-enacting a simpler way of life 

Jersey considers ‘Snookiville Law’

Flavor Flav confuses Miley with whom?

‘Melrose Place’ stars in 2012

All of the featured stories.  Jebus.

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