Commercial Break: Not Wild and Already Tame   Leave a comment

Broadcast: 18 September 2012
Program: Mythbusters
Channel: Discovery
Conglomerate: Discovery Communications

Advertiser: Husqvarna
Owned By: Husqvarna
Pitch: You, sir, are a rugged bad ass for mowing your lawn.

This is a simple, nearly wordless fifteen second spot aimed squarely at the wannabe suburban outdoorsman on every cul-de-sac.  We open with the world’s manliest man:

Ladies . . .

This is not a commercial for handsomeness, but that’s a good guess.

Unlike most of you fat, lazy lawnmower jockeys out there, he’s going to clean up these out of control plants his own damn self:

Oh No, Small Branches!

Is this supposed to be storm damage or has he just not cut his grass since 2009?

The commercial then cuts to a montage of action packed lawn work.  There’s the chainsaw:

Action Chainsaw

Why are there sparks coming out of that tree?

Then it’s time for the lawnmower:

Honey, Look, I'm Working Just Like in the Commercial

That grass seems to have been mowed already, but whatever.

And finally, the world’s most extreme weed whacker, which shreds grass and sends it flying in awesome action movie style slow motion:

The Grass Must Die

Holy shit!  We could’ve won in Vietnam if we’d had that thing!

After that exhausting few seconds, we’re given a shot of this man’s wonderfully organized garage and all of his perfectly clean Husqvarna tools and accessories:

Four Words, Two Lies

Even his garage shelves are organized . . . swoon.

That leads to the only four words of dialogue in the entire commercial, a voiceover saying, “Husqvarna, taming the wild”.  Forget how insanely over the top they just portrayed actions as mundane as trimming the hedge and cutting the grass (on a riding mower, no less).  That guy’s little suburban patch of greenery most assuredly isn’t “wild”, and unless his lawn has been terrified into never growing again he isn’t “taming” anything.  That means that little four word tagline has an impressive word:lie ratio of 2:1.  Well done, Husqvarna. 

Posted September 19, 2012 by Charlie Sweatpants in Commercial Break

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