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“And I’ll go into people’s houses at night and wreck up the place!” – Nixon’s Head Recording
“My god, I really sound like that?  I thought my voice had more of a Clark Gable quality.” – Richard Nixon’s Head

DailyCallerLogo You never want to be too impressed with one day campaign stories, even ones that are deeply embarrassing.  But Mittens’ candid quotes about how he really feels about the help were at the top of BBC’s homepage last night, and today even Tucker’s House of Wingnut Welfare has it as their second story:

Can't Spin Zone

They aren’t even bothering to put a positive face on it.  That’s not a good sign.

FoxNationLogo The nationalists have it as their lead, and they aren’t helping any either:

Romney Calls for Release of Full ’47 Percent’ Video, Says Comments Weren’t ‘Elegantly Stated’

Romney defended to the tape, saying, “It doesn’t capture the question, so I don’t know precisely what was asked, but I think it was about my campaign and how I’d be able to get the majority of voters to support me.”

Well, folks, looks like we’re in for at least a couple of days of this, because if FOX Nation just quotes Romney and can’t figure out a way to spin the story on their own, it’s probably got a ways to go yet.  

usatodaylogo Hacktacular:

Obama critics assail Letterman gig

It quotes Michele Bachmann with criticism, then quotes a guy at U.S. News & World Reports to explain it away.  It’s not even slanted one way or another, it just completely didn’t need to exist. 

CNNlogo We discussed this yesterday:

Famous for Being Famous

Please to be firing all the leering, Anglophile idiots on your staff who think this is news.  Thank you in advance.

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