Reading Digest – 17 September 2012   1 comment

“Hey, that looks like Princess Di . . . oh wait, it’s just a pile of rags.” – Barney Gumble

CNNlogo Oh for fuck’s sake:

Didn't We Win That War

CNN, we won a war so that we wouldn’t have to care about this.  Yet you do.  Fuck off forever.

FNLogo FOX, which is more of a news organization than CNN (though that doesn’t say much), leads with anti-US protests around the world.  You know, actual news.  Tucked into the corner is this:

Red Lines, How the Fuck Do They WorkEver since he started running around screaming about “red lines” (whatever those are supposed to be) last year, it’s been a lot of fun watching precisely no one in the U.S. pay any attention to Netanyahu’s ludicrous hysteria.  Even FOX, which is as friendly as media can possibly be for him, doesn’t think he’s worth top billing given all the stuff in the news these days. 

FoxNationLogo The nationalists are sloppy enough that their “Pic of the Day” doesn’t actually change every day, and more often than not they use it as an excuse to put up some cheesecake for their elderly, largely male audience:

Tit of the Day

Today’s entry is unusual only in that they are so focused on her tits that they couldn’t even bother to get her head properly in frame.

DailyCallerLogo The amount of penile insecurity on display here is, for lack of a more artful term, huge:

Mine's Bigger Than Yours

Translation: I’m gonna stick this big brown dick in my mouth because I think it makes me look like a big man, and I don’t care who objects because I’m a bad ass.  Couple of things here: 1) nobody cares, 2) you look like a fool, 3) no one has ever been considered brave for smoking a cigar.  Note the word “Hunter” in the title, like cigars are tough to find or fight back.  Moron.

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