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“Now to absorb some local color through the magic of AM radio.” – Homer Simpson
“The Book of Revelations tells us to watch for the seven signs of evil . . . sign of evil number four . . . continuing our sign of evil countdown, here’s Vanessa Williams.” – AM Radio

FoxNationLogo It’s a mark of how low the right is feeling these days that, on a date that used to be some kind of Jebus 4th of July for a lot of wingers, this is the nationalist’s lead story:

Limbaugh Predicts ‘Economic Collapse’ If Obama Re-elected

The lead story is just a quote from Limbaugh’s daily group therapy session, and they couldn’t even be bothered to transcribe it properly:

And when it happens to us, there are reverberations all over the world, it’s not like some poll dunk little European country collapsing that goes to another poll dunk European country for a bailout.

The word you’re looking for is “podunk”, not “poll dunk”, though the later does sound like it could be interesting as some kind of carnival game.

PoliticoLogo Um, guys?:

Murdoch to Romney: ‘Stop fearing far right’

Murdoch has plenty of his own media outlets willing to quote him fawningly.  He doesn’t need any help, no matter how much he thinks Mittens does. 

DailyCallerLogo This isn’t news in the least, but it does contain an enjoyable little anecdote:

Skipping Class

“If President Obama were participating in his intelligence briefings on a regular basis then perhaps he would understand why people are so offended at his efforts to take sole credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden,” Cheney told The Daily Caller in an email through a spokeswoman.

Even three years out of office, no one can actually contact Cheney, it has to go through an e-mail that comes from a surrogate. 

CNNlogo CNN runs fifteen “Featured” stories with thumbnail pictures on its main homepage each day.  Here are some of them:

Baby otters get new home

Yum or yuck? New Candy Corn Oreos

What Honey Boo Boo can teach the USAF

Culinary delights of broke college kids

Son records his mom sleep-dancing

‘Pawn Stars’ most surprising items (which is so important that it’s been up since yesterday)

It’s said that FOX and MSNBC do better because they’re more ideological, but their sites don’t have nearly this level of infantilizing crap. 

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