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“I’m having a little trouble with the government.” – Hank Scorpio
“Aw, those jerks, always walking over the small businessman.  Don’t get me started about the government.” – Homer Simpson

WSJlogo1 The irony here is beyond staggering:

Charles G. Koch: Corporate Cronyism Harms America

It’s exactly as self serving and mendacious as you’d expect.  Whoever wrote it for him did a great job.

NPRlogo Here’s your empty and meaningless, “we’re good journalists” story of the day:

News Flash Middle East Not Tranquil

Of course, the only people they interview work for American organizations, so it’s not so much a report on foreign issues as it is a report on domestic opinion of foreign issues.  Coming tomorrow, “Canada: Still There”.

DailyBeastLogo Breaking news this morning from Newsweek Jr.:

Sex Farm for Sex Hookers

Nothing like a tasteful and not at all sexually suggestive graphic to up the click count.

CNNlogo Seriously?  Seriously:

‘Pawn Stars’ most surprising items

Social media bring fashion to masses

1,000+ compete in hula hooping contest

Play with kittens from your computer

CNN: the most trusted name is hula hooping and interactive kitten videos. 

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