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“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to appear in a tortilla in Mexico.” – God

FoxNationLogo I love self refuting commentary:

OPINION: How Democrats’ ‘God’ Complex Handed Mitt Romney the Election in Three Minutes:

In just three short minutes, Democrats handed the 2012 election to Republican Mitt Romney.

In a surreal floor vote at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., at 5:04 p.m., long before prime-time viewers flipped on their TVs, delegates split — hard — on whether to include a simple mention of God in their platform, and to declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Yup, if there’s one thing on which presidential elections hang, it’s a voice vote about a party platform that no one reads “long before prime-time viewers flipped on their TVs”. 

DailyCallerLogo Tucker & Friends, rejecting the usual impulse to simply list Democratic celebrities, go with this instead:

Alec Baldwin Looks At Things

That’s right, it’s a slideshow of Alec Baldwin looking at things that doesn’t even bother to mention his work with the Film Actors Guild.

PoliticoLogo This may be the most Politico headline ever (until next week sometime):

Important Constituency

In other words, “People Whose Opinions Don’t Matter Talk About Something”.  Consider the morning won.

DailyBeastLogo And in equally vapid news:

Praise and Criticism “Pundits praise Obama speech . . . Still gets some criticism”.  You know how you can tell these sites are completely toothless?  They think this is important.  And they do shit like this:

You're Gonna Die!

Newsweek Jr., bringing the worst aspects of local television news to your computer since 2009.

WSJLogo Good news, everyone, on the last day of the Blue powwow, the Journal got its graphic straight:

Donkey Graphic

If they’d left their elephant graphic up for one more day, they would’ve covered the entire Democratic convention with the Republican version of the logo.  Whew, that was close. 

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