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“But first, part seven of our eye opening look at the bikini.” – Kent Brockman

CNNlogo Oh yeah, this is a “Featured” story, front and center:

Bikini Tumble CNN: The most trusted name in bikini girls falling over. 

FoxNationLogo Few things bring out the forehead veins of the nationalists more than Slick Willie and Barack Obama, and here they are together:

Big Rascals

Not only do they capture them in their goofiest, Buckwheat and Alfalfa-ist pose, but they’ve got the word “Guilty” right in the headline.  Job well done, boys. 

PoliticoLogo Uh, guys, these words do not mean what you think they mean:

Unofficial2016 doesn’t officially begin for twenty-five days, three months and three years.  And you jackasses have no power to declare anything official other than company softball games. 

USATodaylogo Did the word “Analysis” really need to be in this headline?:

Analysis Has Fallen on Hard Times

True, defining “analysis” down that low could provide for some fun headlines:

Analysis: Cowboys Score More Points than Giants
Analysis: Europe Is Far Away
Analysis: Sky Is Above You
Analysis: Boys Have a Penis, Girls Have a Vagina

WSJLogo See, USA Today, this isn’t that hard:

Whose Convention Journal Is It And as a bonus, we get another, albeit small, piece of evidence that Murdoch and Sons have trashed the Wall Street Journal.  Note the “Convention Journal” graphic at the top.  There’s an elephant in the “o” in “Journal”, but there’s no donkey anywhere.  Good to know.

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