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“Welcome to the United Nations school eighth grade election.  Our candidates are, Martin Sherman, Zoltan Veramirovich . . .” – Principal Mangosuthu
“Hello.” – Zoltan Veramirovich
“. . . and Michael Dukakis.” – Principal Mangosuthu
“I thought I would start small, with an election I could win.” – Michael Dukakis
“Boo!” – Eighth Graders

DailyCallerLogo As usual, Carlson’s house of wingnut welfare delivers the pure, uncut stuff.  Today’s lead:

Tucker's Tank

That is quality trolling right there.

RedStateLogo Whereas this is just second rate:

Erik's Failed Troll Attempt C’mon, Red State, you can’t lead with an incoherent headline and two Blues who not only won, but are both still nationally popular!  You didn’t have a picture of John Kerry sitting around somewhere?  Tucker & Friends did much better. 

PoliticoLogo This is the busy season for Washington’s preeminent gossip rag, but they will always make time for worthless, irrelevant click-whoring:

Let the 2016 speculation begin


FoxNationLogo This certainly isn’t the sort of headline you expect from the nationalists:

Time for Workers to Take Back Labor Day

Not to worry, though, the article is what you’d expect:

This Labor Day, you won’t see union bosses acknowledging the fact that they force workers into arrangements made by other people decades earlier.

Isn’t Labor Day itself an arrangement made by other people decades earlier?  I’m pretty sure it is, just as I’m pretty sure that acknowledging that is something unions do with that whole, “folks who brought you the weekend” thing.

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