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“Tom, I’m currently ten miles outside of Beaverton, unable to get inside the town proper.  We do not have any reports of fatalities yet, but we believe that the death toll may be in the hundreds of millions.  Beaverton has only a population of about eight thousand, Tom, so this would be quite devastating.” – Mitch the Action News Reporter

FNLogo The best part of hurricane coverage is when the storm picks up speed before it makes landfall, which gives the attention junkies in the media a chance to jerk off over how powerful it is:

Isaac on Verge of Becoming Hurricane:

Tropical Storm Isaac on the verge of becoming hurricane as it approaches the Gulf of Mexico toward Louisiana.

It’s not even a category one hurricane yet, and they’re ready to declare it the second coming of Katrina:


Tropical Storm Isaac bearing down on Louisiana coast:

Residents in four states are warned to evacuate before storm makes landfall a day before the seventh anniversary of deadly Hurricane Katrina.

They know the storm probably isn’t going to be all that bad, so they have to squeeze every last microsecond of attention out of scare stories before it lands.  It’s just fun to watch. 

FoxNationLogo I’d say that it’s more likely a bureaucratic adherence to dumb categorization rather than a brilliant metaphor about American society, but there is something to the nationalist insistence on everything being “Culture”:

Tropical Storm Culture

DailyCallerLogo CNBC runs ads for Larry Kudlow’s show declaring that he comes “from the center”:

Kudlow the Centrist

Just sayin’. 

RedStateLogo Say what you will about the Junior Reds at the kiddie table, but they do know how to stay on message:

The Beginning of the End

It’s actually about the final stages of the 2012 presidential campaign, but in an RSS feed or just at a glance, plenty of apocalypse minded wingers will click on it for other reasons. 

nytimeslogo1 Someone needs to get the op-ed editors at the Paywalled Lady a dictionary:


Noah, if you please:

2 : marked by poverty <a hardscrabble cotton town> <a hardscrabble childhood>

You can’t even blame this on Brooks, he didn’t write that subhead.  The Times wrote that.  Jebus. 

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