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“Cool, she’ll be a freak!” – Bart Simpson
“Bart!” – Marge Simpson
“We can stick her in a trailer, drive around the South, and charge two bits a gander.” – Bart Simpson

FNLogo This is one way of putting it:

Bachmann, Cain Galvanize Tea Party Activists at Rally:

Ex-presidential hopefuls lead Tea Party activists in asserting movement’s presence before GOP convention

Another way would be “Nationally humiliated ex-presidential hopefuls attend small rally because the party wouldn’t let them near the real convention with a ten foot clown pole”.  But perhaps the best description is the simplest of all:

Two Bits a Gander

DailyBeastLogo Good thing they got this one in before Labor Day:

Daily Beast Summer Shocker

Wouldn’t that be pretty much every summer? 

CNNlogo CNN’s “Featured” stories are always fun:

CNN - More Important Stories

There’s a background piece on Mitt Romney, followed by “Postcards” from a city where nothing has happened yet, a report about the ex-governor of South Carolina getting married, two (2) car crashes that happened to get caught on camera, and a sleepy dog.  I know it’s August, CNN, but come on.

NYTimes Logo The headline alone could be any one of a dozen airheaded pundits:

Op-Ed: The Last Bipartisan

Who could’ve penned this trenchant, timely, and original insight?  Is it some washed up CNN hack?  One of the undifferentiated mass of worthless “centrists” who make up so much of the Times op-ed roster?  The ghost of David Broder, back on Earth because Hell itself could not contain his sense of self satisfaction?  Does it even matter?  Just know that folks was tougher back then, Congressmen had to walk uphill ten miles both ways to the Capitol in year round snow, and the president was the divine Miss Sarah Bernhardt. 

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