Commercial Break: Smaller Portions for a Smaller You   Leave a comment

Broadcast: 24 August 2012
Program: Early Start
Network: CNN
Conglomerate: Time Warner

Advertiser: Fiber One
Conglomerate: General Mills
Product: Low calorie cereal that’s supposed to help you defecate better

We open on a street in Anywhere, USA where a middle aged woman, whose body is obscured but who looks to be in achievable shape, pulls up next to the Fiber One 80 Calorie truck.

Non-Descript Woman

Having her in a minivan with no kids in it was a nice touch.

She immediately begins badgering Joe Everyman truck driver, in a friendly but demanding way, about whether or not the cereal actually has only eighty calories. 

Joe Everyman Truck Driver

It’s a baseball cap with no logo whatsoever.  These people may be in the Matrix.

Joe Everyman just drives the truck, so he doesn’t know if it really only does have eighty calories.  Setting aside the fact that calorie counts are notoriously inaccurate, the Fiber One website does have some enlightening information Joe Everyman could’ve shared with her:


Calories per Serving

Serving Size

Calories per Cup

Fiber One Original


0.5 Cups


Fiber One 80 Calorie


0.75 Cups


Fiber One Honey Clusters


1 Cup


Fiber One Nutty Clusters & Almonds


1 Cup


Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters


1 Cup


Fiber One Caramel Delight


1 Cup


Fiber One Shredded Wheat


1 Cup


So, assuming the calorie counts are accurate (which they probably aren’t), the advertisement isn’t directly misleading you about the number of calories per serving.  But even against its own products, Fiber One 80 Calorie is tied for second most calories per cup of cereal, because the only way General Mills got that stuff down to eighty calories per serving was by shrinking the portion by 25%.  Minor mendacity is a healthy part of a balanced breakfast.

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