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“What would Nancy Kerrigan do, huh?  Nancy Kerrigan wouldn’t give up!  When things were looking their darkest, Nancy Kerrigan fought to be the best!  She wouldn’t stop until she was number one!” – Stan Marsh
“Uh, Stan.” – Kyle Broflovski

DailyCallerLogo Remember, kids, it’s always important to read the subhead:

Dinesh D’Souza’s Obama doc wins at the box office:

‘Obama’s America: 2016’ is the second-highest grossing documentary of the year so far

So not only did it not “win”, unless coming in second is winning now, but it lost in that notoriously big money world of documentaries.  The article is even funnier, because this box office winner is only showing on 167 screens nationwide and will likely be gone from even those next week.  Win!

DailyBeastLogo Today in confirming things you already knew:

Shocker - Yoga Loses Its Apolitical Status

Next you’ll be telling me that gun range instructors and huckster preachers love Paul Ryan.

FNLogo News Corporation properties have always gone a little overboard with branding, but this is a bit much:


It’s not just a hurricane, it’s a fair and balanced “MyFoxHurricane”! 

FoxNationLogo This word, “culture”, I do not think it means what you think it means:

Cultural Flu

PoliticoLogo We’re the meanest, most cynical, and most bad ass political reporters around, yeah!  Except that . . .

Fuck Politico

. . . the letters “u” and “c” make us titter like second graders.  Thank heavens some innocent eight-year-old who happens to stumble upon America’s least informative newspaper won’t learn any naughty words today. 


Op-Ed: Don’t Break Up the Big Banks – And just who has taken to the pages of the Paywalled Lady to defend the architects of the Lesser Depression?  Why, it’s this guy:

William B. Harrison Jr. was an architect of the 2000 merger that created JPMorgan Chase and was the bank’s chairman and chief executive. He retired in 2006.

You, gentle sir, have lost all credibility with everyone who isn’t on your payroll.  Please to be fucking off now. 

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