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“Yes, but doesn’t the Bible also say, thou shalt not take moochers into thy . . . hut?” – Homer Simpson

FoxNationLogo The nationalists are their usual selves this morning, with a rundown of all the reasons Obama is an incompetent fiend who will surely lose in two months and, hey, have you noticed how awesome Paul Ryan is?  The dog whistle department is going strong, though:

Obama's Brother Is African! (Hint, Hint)

It’s not just that Obama’s brother is “Living In a Hut”, it’s an “Update” on this important story.  Speaking of important stories:

Baywatch Noah's Ark

Coming up tomorrow, one of the hunky guys from Melrose Place authenticates the Shroud of Turin.

CNNlogo CNN’s headline today is:

Living where homes are affordable:

If you’re in the market for a move and you want to find a place to make your money go farther, check out these growing towns that have houses with prices well below the national average.

So this morning’s lead story is basically a real estate listing.  Good to know.  This being the most venal name in news, there are two links, one of which is to a pageview whoring slideshow featuring stock pictures that were taken god knows when, and both of which go to a joint report of CNN and Money magazine with prominent links for “Subscribe to Money Magazine”.  That’s good synergy. 

The “Featured” stories are no better:

Important News2

Today we’ve got pretty white girls who died tragically (not news, but no journalism outfit can resist yearbook photos of dead girls, it’s like crack to them), the Syrian first lady not saying or doing anything (not news, by definition), a story about “Greedy Geezers” with a question mark in the headline, a flash mob that went out to eat, a four decade old plane wreck in which no one was killed, and the ultimate in news: “Watch kitten and puppy cuddling”. 

Not a single one of these stories is in any way shape or form important to America or the wider world.  And it’s not like I need CNN’s global news gathering apparatus to look at kitten videos. 

DailyCallerLogo Carlson’s House of Wingnut Welfare outfoxed Fox this morning:

War On Women?:

Feminists slam Democrats for ‘discrimination against mothers’ during Charlotte convention

Now that’s quality hand waving, right there.  When one of your guys gets into major hot water over rape comments, run a giant headline over a minor rule controversy at the other guy’s convention (that doesn’t even start for two weeks).  Well done, Tucker & Friends. 

nytimeslogo1 And it’s Wednesday, so it’s time for Maureen Dowd and Little Tommy Friedman to wax idiotic:

Just Think No:

Why do Republicans have a gender gap when they ascribe superpowers to women, like the ability to block rape sperm with sheer willpower?

Why does Dowd have a job when all she does is ask herself inane questions and then serve up incoherent answers?  If she did this in a park, the police would eventually be called. 

We Need a ‘Conservative’ Party:

We need more than debates from our politicians. Just imagine what could be accomplished if the moderates were in charge instead of the radicals.

Oh, Tommy, don’t ever change.  Someday everyone will agree with you. 

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