Commercial Break: Progressive Insurance Is Lying to You   Leave a comment

Broadcast: 20 August 2012
Program: The Situation Room
Network: CNN
Conglomerate: Time Warner

Advertiser: Progressive Insurance
Product: Some kind of little sex toy looking insurance widget

We open on the previously starving actress who is now the face of this particular heartless insurance company:


Previously Starving Actress: But don’t just listen to me, listen to these happy Progressive customers.

That leads immediately to this nondescript guy, wearing a nondescript sweater, standing in front of a nondescript car on a nondescript street in nondescript middle America:


You may not be able to tell in this blurry screen grab, but that little piece of small type hovering over his crotch says “Paid Actors.”  See:

Paid Actor1

Which means that when the formerly starving actress asked us to “listen to these happy Progressive customers”, she was lying.  That guy, holding the product in question, is not a happy customer.  The same is true of this lady:

Paid Actor2

And these two buffoons, who clown around and hide in the bushes after this:

Paid Actors3 4

In short, literally no part of this advertisement is true except for the fact that there is a product for sale.  Despite the ad’s explicit statement that they were showing testimonials from real customers, the entire thing is a fraud.  Progressive Insurance is lying to you (and screwing over their customers by defending their killers in court, but that part wasn’t in this ad). 

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