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[Note: For the third time in as many weeks, Reading Digest is getting an overhaul.  We’ll see if this one lasts longer than the others.]

Quote of the Day:

“How come you’re packing fudge, Mr. Cruise?” – Butters
“I’m not a fudge packer!” – Tom Cruise
“Dude, you don’t have to be ashamed or anything.” – Kyle Broflovski
“But I’m not a fudge packer!” – Tom Cruise
“Then why are you packing fudge?” – Stan Marsh
“I’m not, I’m a very busy actor!” – Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise leads Scott tributes:

Tom Cruise is among dozens of stars paying tribute to British director Tony Scott

I’m sure he is, but that in no way makes any of this actual news, much less worthy of being on the front page.


GOP Convention Theme: We Built This – Of course, we did it with money we got from trust fund Viagra junkies, but we did built it.  And let no one accuse us of burying that story about the Red Senate candidate who exposed himself as a leering pervert the other day:

GOP Rep. Akin Stands Alone in Uproar Over Rape Remark – But does he stand “legitimately” alone or just “forcibly” alone?  And how are his body’s natural defense holding up?


I gotta start paying more attention to “Politics”:

The Politics of Elizabeth Hurley


These are the top six “Featured” stories at CNN this morning:

Important News

If you’re scoring at home, that’s two celebrity stories, two fluff videos, one piece of man-bites-dog local hero crap, and one news free survey.  Of the six, the “party school” survey probably comes closest to actual news, and it’s about as methodologically sound as Mr. Boswell’s worst dressed list.  Remember when CNN reported news?  They sure don’t.

nytimeslogo1 Oh, for fuck’s sake:

Op-Ed: WikiLeaks and the Global Future of Free Speech:

Michael Moore and Oliver Stone are Academy Award-winning filmmakers.

Really, New York Times?  The two most qualified and eloquent commentators you could find for this story were the self aggrandizing fat ass and the conspiracy nut director?  Fuck you. 

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